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Default Watching The Game In Mixed Company

I watch the Steelers games a lot with my wife and sister-in-law(Who I converted to a Steelers fan last year). I hear things during the games that I don't normally hear while watching the game with the guys or at the sports pub. Quotes from tonights game:

1) That Mike Tomlin is hot.

2) That Tomlin is like an older Omar Epps...And he speaks well too....

3) Ben has really lost some weight...He looks cute again...sort of

I enjoy watching the game with them because they truly get that Steeler football is special, and the organization is one of the best in the league. But.....I am going to have to write up a list of things that cannot be uttered during a game....And calling anyone on the field hot, is going to be #1.

Anyone else had similar experiences watching games in mixed company.
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