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Default Re: Watching The Game In Mixed Company

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
OK---first of all he DOES look like Omar Epps (from "House")---my husband was the first to point that out to me.

Second---if you make the rule it should go both ways---if they can't say Tomlin and Ben are hot then you can't say any cheerleader on the opposing team (or woman in a beer commercial) is hot.

Trust me, many of my guy -friends and family members have learned a thing or two about football watching the game with my sister and I----so you can't make a blanket statement about all "mixed company."

I'm glad your watching with them though---If you overlook the "hot" comments and take time to teach them about the game you may find by the end of the season they're able "talk" football with anyone.
Well it looked like they had the third string Saint Cheerleaders at the game last night....Dame you HDtv.

I guess I don't watch much women sports with the guys, so I don't hear that stuff while watching a game.

I have been through two seasons now with my wife and sister-in-law wtching every Steeler game and it does make a difference. They have gotten all their questions answered and it makes the games more enjoyable to watch for everyone.
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