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Default Re: 14 Reason to Deport Illegal Aliens

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
No offense, but this whole "Blame Bush for everything" mentality gets old, and really just obfuscates the fact that the whole system is broken.

As for the wasted taxpayer dollars, I'd be interested in finding a way to get these people to shoulder their own tax burden if we aren't going to deport them. While we are at it, we should also eliminate these tax breaks for foreigners who open shop here but spend six months and one day a year in their home country to avoid paying tax. They enjoy all the benefits, but bear none of the burden. Ridiculous.
what's the old saying ?...." if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem ".....old GW has had , or will have, 8 years to be part a solution the american people have been screamin for. your right,the system is broke....but isn't that why we have periodic elections? don't we vote people in to FIX the problem ? if you hire someone to fix your car, do you not hold them accountable when it still runs like crap?
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