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Default Nostalgia "kicking in"

well its been a whole season since the bus left and is on his road for caton but for some reason all i could think about was Jerome Bettis. Not really sure why but i really miss him, not that parker hasnt taken over with a bang, but its just different, i grew up worshiping the Bus, he was why i was able to sit in awe while watching a steelers game, jerome was the best of the best in power runners infact the other day i saw on espn that he was like number 7 in espns top 10 all rime power runners in the nfl! his style was just amazing he would charge into any man coming at him and throw him to the ground it took at least 2-3 guys at the least to get the Bus down. Willie now runs with a new style which is the up and coming style as u can see in the nfl with LT, Westbrook, Willie...ect. They are fast and swift runners who dont break tackles as much as they avoid them. I really miss guys like bettis who would go kick ass out there! Anyone else feeling this?

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