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Default Re: Al Sharpton...Again!

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
No, the media's at fault. ":Spokesman for black people" is not an elected position, or even an official position. Jesse and Al are themost prominent "spokespeople" because the media gives them the most airtime, peiod. And the media isn't exactly a black-dominated institution, is it?

Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson are two of the most prominent Christian "spokespeople". Should Christians be blamed for that? Or does that standard only apply to black people?

As for the Presidential elections, Al ran in the primaries and conceded. He did, however, garner 32% of the vote when he ran in the NYC mayoral primaries and almost forced a runoff vote.

David Duke did better than that when he ran for governor of Louisiana, and unlike Al Sharpton, Duke has held elective office. Are white people collectively responsible for that? Or does that standard still noly apply to black people?

This is so funny and I know it shouldn't be.......Because this is exactly the kind of BS that all of these so-called spokes people are trying to stir up....They want everything to be up in chaos and everyone pointing the finger at each other, their race, religion, or political preference....Whatever happened to just respecting the fact and agreeing that it is okay to have different opinions.
However, I will say that if certain races don't want their spokespeople to have the power to speak for them, then they should stand up publicly to denounce them..................

And, just a quite note about David Duke.........Isn't it crazy that a man like that would ever be voted into office.....I definitely cannot condone that......But then again, have you ever lived in Louisiana? ( I am sure it can't be too much different than Miss.) There is a lot of hate here and a lot is based on color, but there is more that is based on attitude and actions.....There is a lot of that here and it makes people prejudice...People get tired of that kind of crap and they go to the extreme..........Didn't say it was right, but it is a fact...................I have lived a lot of places and Louisiana is my home, but I certainly ain't bragging about it....It is certainly arse backwards and there are a lot of people who are scared of the thug element here................Louisiana is also almost at the bottom of every good national list and at the top of every bad list...EX: Top in welfare and bottom of education.

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