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Default Re: Al Sharpton...Again!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Yes, Christians should be blamed for Phelps and Robertson. Those two gain their political clout from strong Religious Right backing, which they neither deny nor hide from. Quite frankly, I'd say that's a pretty apt comparison, though. What, exactly, do Al and Jesse do? How do they get financed? It certainly isn't through the white media.

Duke is not an apt comparison, because he's white and is of the majority. It takes a much smaller (percentage wise) mobilized and galvanized voter bloc amongst a majority to get elected, especially in an overall population of apathetic and indifferent voters.
Absolutely not. PHelps is considered a fraud amongst evangelical Christians. He is a joke and has had NO backing from religious right backing. Matter of fact, his church is mainly made up of his own family. it is all a joke.

Robertson is another ballgame... and most of what has been attributed to him.... he didn't even say.

So no, those two are bad examples in this argument.
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