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Default Re: Nostalgia "kicking in"

Why do we need a bruiser back? That doesn't make sense. We need to move the football down the field on the ground. How it happens is just a matter of the details. Even when FWP goes wide around the end, he still needs guards pulling and tight ends and Hines Ward out there knocking guys over like bowling pins. Just because he's smaller and quicker doesn't change the game to croquet. We'll still smash, and FWP will be a lot farther downfield when the play is over because of it.

Bus was pretty freakin' quick in the open field; he was no slouch when it came to speed. And FWP can drive through guys; he doesn't have the bulk, but he has huge thighs. The coaches will call the plays that take advantage of the player's strengths, but they will still need to mix it up. Bus went around end sometimes; FWP runs up the gut sometimes. One sets up the other. It won't be that different, in the end.

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