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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by stillhead View Post
i hear yah. we enjoyed the dish when it worked. the bad part for me is the trees/woods behind our house don't belong to us or i would top them off, cut 'em down. i am going to try and convince the wife to get direct tv, at least try it. if you think comcast is bad, be happy you don't have time-warner. friggin crooks. i was hoping we would get comcast, how bad is that?
Sounds like probelms with the installers. In my experiences, I have had terrible support from the on site reps. The DTV companies subcontract out their installation and local support to local companies with varying degrees of quality and ability. Mine was terrible. Once the dish finally went up, no problems.

I have a handy tip for you during the winter though...for snow buildup on your dish.

Cooking spray. Spray the dish, snow slips off.

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