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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Sounds like probelms with the installers. In my experiences, I have had terrible supprot from the on site reps. The DTV companies subcontract out their installation and local support to local ompanies with varying degrees of quality and ability. Mine was terrible. Once the dish finally went up, no problems.

I have a handy tip for you during the winter though...for snow buildup on your dish.

Cooking spray. Spray the dish, snow slips off.
There's little snap on heaters for dish's also.

And yes the dtv companies need to screen their installers a little better. They get some real morons sometimes. I had one show up that couldnt speak a lick of english, and I had to tell this guy where to put the dish. I basically ended up doing the whole install myself.

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