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Default Re: 14 Reason to Deport Illegal Aliens

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
I'm going to be a voice of dissent on this one. I absolutely believe there needs to be reforms in the system, but I don't agree with most of you on this. I'd like to see some numbers on how much illegal aliens put back into the economy with their labor etc. I've known a few (who are currently legal (with visas and trying to get citizenship). They work very hard at jobs that most "Americans" wouldn't even consider---especially in argiculture and certain service industries.

The reason the government turns a blind eye---I believe---is because illegals fill a certain niche in our economy.
There is no doubt that these illegals work and they may indeed "fill a niche", but they are still not shouldering their weight. If they are working off the books, they aren't paying taxes, and their bosses aren't paying taxes on them either. I'd say the odds are that if a guy will employ illegals, he's probably involved in other questionable business practices. The bottom line remains that these people need to contribute their share of taxes if they want to reap the benefits. I don't even care if the contributions they make above the table actually account for the burden they present, it's the principle of the thing.
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