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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by spooky View Post

Thank you for the information. (I couldn't PM you because I haven't posted enough messages!)

That web site was very valuable in my research, thank you so much for that! After more reading there, we decided to give DirecTV one more call. (I called yesterday and got two reps that were not very helpful.) I took the recommendation of some people on one of the forums there and called to say that I wanted to cancel. We only have Sunday Ticket but have been customers for many years, so I was hoping they would try to keep me. I got a wonderful CSR in the retention dept. I assume.

He agreed to upgrade me to Superfan for free, send a free HD receiver and DVR, as well as two additional receivers for the other TVs (non-HD). He also gave me HBO, Showtime and Starz free for six months as well as 6 months of HD programming for free.

Our install is Friday. (Let's hope that goes well!) I'll have to become a registered user now to read the CE forum.

Thanks again!!

Nice deal.....Good luck with the install.

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