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Default Re: 14 Reason to Deport Illegal Aliens

Originally Posted by Counselor View Post
I'm going to be a voice of dissent on this one. I absolutely believe there needs to be reforms in the system, but I don't agree with most of you on this. I'd like to see some numbers on how much illegal aliens put back into the economy with their labor etc. I've known a few (who are currently legal (with visas and trying to get citizenship). They work very hard at jobs that most "Americans" wouldn't even consider---especially in argiculture and certain service industries.
The reason the government turns a blind eye---I believe---is because illegals fill a certain niche in our economy.

I know this isn't the subject of the post, but the talk about "building a wall" really angers me. People use the safety/trerrorism excuse, but that is just BS. The 911 terrorists entered through Canada---don't hear anything about a wall up there.
you know what angers me? riding by a construction site and seeing 50 mexicans working when i'm laid off ,because the company i work for was outbid on the job ,because thier paying LEGAL wages, to LEGAL citizens of this country!!
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