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Default Re: Al Sharpton...Again!

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Good points Preacher, and I agree. But, the truth is that organized religion has been used as a catalyst for more death and war throughout human history then any other cause. On some stoic level this must seem absurd. Christianity is included in this, no matter the motives. While many of the Bishops, monarchies (and even the Pope) believed that they were achieving a political gain from the Crusades, the common man who fought in them did not necessarily see things that way. One can't excuse the naive masses...much as we couldn't excuse the naive masses who follow the 'Sword" of modern Islam.

I agree...

What I am arguing is not what the masses have done, but what the reality of the faith itself is. Any and every good thing can and is turned to some type of destructive force.

My point on the crusades is not that the masses were naive, but that most of the masses weren't even really fighting for "Christianity."

You and I however, have a lot of agreement.

REV... I am sorry you feel that you can't continue this discussion. I applaud your foresight and respect. However, if you would like to continue this, either on this board, or in a PM, I would be willing to do so. I will also share with you up front that I will be respectful in all my postings on this subject.
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