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Default Re: Watching The Game In Mixed Company

Considering my wife has only been a football/Steelers fan for only 1 1/2 season I think she does very well and I love watching the game with her. She cheers louder than most of the guys at the sports bar and sent the puppy running under the bed on Wilson's long catch Sunday night. I have to hear an occational comment on how cute Heath Miller is but I have never heard her say any of the following:
"Why dont they each get a ball then they would'nt have to fight for that ONE?"
"How can I get my hair to curl like Troy's?"
"Why does'nt he run the other way, away from all those guys?"
Originally Posted by hammy36 View Post
. . . these types of fans are probably everywhere...just so happens that I run into it everytime I'm at Arrowhead.
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