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Default Re: Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look

This may not be exactly on tack here but it's worth stating. I'm 28 years old and when I graduated high school didn't really have plans other than finding a job. I considered the Airforce and the National Guard, but decided it wasn't for me, didn't really want to leave my girl friend(who I married acouple of years later) or my family. I do however have alot of friends and a soon to be brother-in-law who are fighting over seas right now. My soon to be brother-in-law is in his second tour in iraq he was also in (i know i have no chance of spelling this right but) Afgahnastan. He is supose to be home in a couple of month and he will actually be done with his time in the Army. He is marring my wife's sister next year in August. I just hope he gets to. If any of you see a man or woman that is in our military please take the time to stop and thank them for doing what some of us were not willing or able to do they are my true heroes.
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