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Default Re: Lets Go 'stros....

No, alot of people expected the Astros to do good at the start of the season. Theyre choking I saw a play that should of been an out hit their glove and bounce right the hell out. These closers that were so great during the regular season are getting hit for grand slams and game winning homeruns. I dont know but either they were hiding how bad they suck really good or theyre choking. The White Sox are the better team but the Astros shoulda won today just didnt work out that way cause the best closers choked.

Now, you can go on and on about how im being a hater and yadda yadda but its clear. Someone people were calling the second best closer gets hit for the game winning homerun the first pitch he throws. The Qualls guy who was supposed to be a good one gets hit with a grand slam and there were just dumb plays being committed by the Astros. I think that pretty much explains why i say theyre choking
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