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Default Re: I Met a Colt *player not a pony*

Originally Posted by PAMillerGrrl83 View Post
Alrighty so my fiance` decided that since I was always dragging him to Latrobe for TC that it was time I did something for him. Little did I know that the "something" would be going to Terra Haute IN to the Colts TC, not only that but he decided we were going to subject our daughter who is already named Peyton to the same torture. So I agreed simply because I wanted to shut him up, so we went and all that good junk he loved it, I was semi-bored only because I knew I could be at my boys TC instead of this mess, the fans there at TC made the biggest deal out of that trophy than I have ever seen. But on with the story, we were standing watching the players leave and I'll be the first to tell you that Dallas Clark is the only Colt I can actually stomach. So hes walking by and I had my daughter on my hip and he walks over and starts talking to my daughter telling her how cute she is and all that stuff, he signed my shirt and said that my daughter looked like me and I said "Yea and she's gonna be a Steelers fan too" but I said it with a smile, he laughed and continued walking but honestly guys not everyone on that team has their head stuck up Mannings rear end. Clark was an exceptionally nice person and was really eager to sign as many autographs as he could. So yep theres my story.
Good Idea for you, next kid that you have if it's a guy, name him Ben. If peyton goes down the Colts way, take Ben down the Steelers way.

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