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Thumbs down The bengals are really starting to pi$$ me off..

You know, out of all the teams in the AFCN over the years, and as much as I hate them all...I really never voiced it as much w/ the bengals.. I mean every year they sucked, no matter what coach or players they drafted; they were never a I was always like, eh, the bengals, no biggie so what..

But ya know, They're really starting to piss me off here of late. I know ur excited about winning and being contenders (atleast in ur own mind), about the future and ur fine coach in Marv Lewis, etc.

But comon, 5-1, didnt beat any playoff caliber got your ass HANDED to you on a silver platter...your defensive line and LB's were blown completely off the ball all day long since the end of the first quarter, you big time RB couldnt do anything after his big first quarter or so, we shut down ur main weapon at WR, we sacked you, picked you off, and basically made your day miserable and brought you back down to earth from cloud 9 that you've been on all year..

And yet you have the audacity, to make a ridiculous comment on national TV, but more than 1 of your players that you actually think you are a better team !! The teams you beat dont hold a candle to the steelers, pats or any other play off caliber team and yet you make a statement like that !!!

Comon !!!

btw, Im not directing this to our bengal fan friends here on SF by any means..its a rant directed to players who cant admit that they got beat soundly by a team that they considered to be the measuring stick heading into this game.

As if we needed any bulletin board material for next time....
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