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Default Re: Al Sharpton...Again!

Originally Posted by BlacknGold76 View Post
Phelps was and has always been a hate monger of the worst sort. His Westboro Baptist Church is in Topeka, Kansas and frankly I can tell you for a fact that no one in Kansas claims him and his gene pool deficient bunch of dysfunctional family members who make up roughly 80% of his church. Michelle Malkin was saying last night that Fred Phelps is a known Al Gore supporter and a staunch Liberal Democrat. I presume that the SBC (Sothern Baptist Convention) has pretty much disavowed this kook. The sadfdest part is that Fred Phelps Church protests at the funerals of our fallen soldiers which has led to the creation of the Patriot Guard which is there to protect the family members of our fallen heroes from the Phelps protestors.
REVS stated that he confused Phelps with Falwell.. and clarified.

BTW REvs...

Maybe. I'm just afraid this is going to end up the same way the illegal alien thread will end up. I'm pretty sure I'm heading down an ugly road with Atlanta Dan in that one. But I will continue there, because we are dealing with the known and the knowable, whereas this is pretty much 100% opinion and faith. But I appreciate your civility.
Thank you for engaging and recognizing the tone which I enter into this conversation. Furthermore, I appreciate your civility as well.
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