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Default Re: The Bus opens his new restaurant!

i went to the Grille last thursday. for the locals, i ordered right before that tornado hit during that big storm that tore up the cone on top of the science center and blew out a few panes of glass.

the Grille's patio area was completely destroyed and i watched metal chairs and table flying through the air from inside. the crowd that was dining kinda panicked and ran and dove under tables and it really set in when somebody knocked a glass off the bar. like a dork, i followed my fiancee and daughter under our table along with the rest of the crowd, but i realized i was missing some excellent photo opportunities (i have some great pictures i will be posting).

during all the excitement of being that close to a tornado, i totally forgot to go take a piss in front of the mirrors.

5 minutes after the chaos, our meal was promptly served with no delay. i have to give it to jeromes staff as an obviously shaken waitress brought us our non-complimentary meal.

macho nachos- $9. enough to be a meal for 2. although they had alot of toppings, they definitely lacked enough queso (that is what us southwesterners call the melted cheese sauce typically found on nachos.

italian hoagie deep fried in a tempura batter- $9. original, unique, tasty. came with fries and a thimble full of slaw.

shrimp rigatoni with sun dried tomatoes and a chipotle sauce- $16. very good. sweet. not the spice i would expect from chipotle. still very good though.

1 lb of carrot cake for 2- $9. holy cow! they might as well just brought us a whole cake! im thinking the cake it was cut from was 36" in diameter. this too, could be a meal in itself.

daily beer special- $2. 20 oz. amstel lights. very impressed to get a beer this big of any brand in a restraunt like this, for only 2 bucks.

i thought the atmosphere was classy, yet laid back. the menu was diverse and definitely unique. the prices were no worse than a local applebees or chilis.

oh, and when the storm knocked out the direct tv and the baseball ticket, the steelers 05 sb highlights dvd was immediately shown on all screens.

good stuff.
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