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Default Removal of the Fullback Position!!!!!!

When I first read that the Steelrs were going to three and four reciever sets on first down I thought it was a good idea. But when I read that they were on there way to phasing out the fullback position I have to wander, is that a good decision for Willie.

I believe Willie is the type of back that thrives in a two back system (1400-1700yrds). But is only a good/decent back in a single back offense (1000-1200yrds). Even L.T. in San Diego has a fullback, Lorenzo Neal, and if you here him speak he would not be as good without him. I believe Neal and Krieder are the best at thier position and to remove Dan may be a mistake.

MY TAKE: Bettis in a single back offense, when he got hit at the line of scrimage he would still gain three to four yards after first hit/contact. We've all seen Willie get hit and yes he is very strong for his size and will break some tackles. But he is not THe BUS or Larry Johnson. Even though he may gain some yards after first hit/contact his body will take the toll. Also if he gets hit straight up he may not gain a yard. That means 2nd and 10 or 3rd and 10

I agree with going to three and four reiever set on first down at times. But going to single back offense full time I believe to be a mistake, I hope I'm wrong.

Bruce dont get carried away with the need to air it out. We just one a superbowl with this offense. The reason our
play-action is the best in the game is because Willie could hit the corner for 80 yards on any play.

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