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Default Re: Winning the war....

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
My point is, in zero tolerance, decisions aren't made. it creates more of a manager military then a martial military (so the argument goes).

However, in non-0-tolerance military, the E6/E7 your talking about doesn't lose his career.

Again, I am picking up someone else's argument. It makes a lot of sense to me. When you put a fear of being wrong into someone, they tend to not make any decisions...
The problem isn't zero tolerance. The problem is you have a lot of fresh faced O1s and O2s and even some O3s out there who don't listen to people with more experience. Like rebellious teenagers, they insist on doing things the hard way. What's unfortunate is people read books by men like Tom Clancy and they think these officers are out there doing all these amazing things when the truth is that most officers couldn't find the bathroom without some E4 telling them where it is.
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