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Default Re: Fullback spot going, going, not quite gone

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Fullback spot going, going, not quite gone
Saturday, August 11, 2007

By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Steelers have Troy Polamalu, who acts at times like a Tasmanian Devil. And they have Dan Kreider, who looks more and more like a Tasmanian wolf.

The Tasmanian wolf -- not really a wolf, by the way -- has been thought to be extinct for half a century. Still, there have been reported, but unconfirmed sightings, which closely describes the fullback position in the Steelers' offense.
The animal in question is actually a Tasmanian Tiger. The last known Tasmanian Tiger unfortunately died in 1936. In 1986 it was officially listed as extinct. Rumours abounded about sightings of this once regal animal.

It took Australians 50 years to come to the realisation that our STRIPED animal had disappeared for ever.

The thylacine was shy and secretive and always avoided contact with humans. Despite its common name, 'tiger' it had a quiet, nervous temperament compared to its little cousin, the Tasmanian devil. Captured animals generally gave up without a struggle, and many died suddenly, apparently from shock
Incredible how this story has a greater correlation to the Bengals rather than Kreider. The striped cats are often rumoured to have been sighted but they quickly disappear without a trace. The quote regarding how striped animals cope with captivity is also not very encouraging.

How much longer before they will be officially be declared extinct by the NFL???

I think Kreiders prospects are a lot more promising. A steelers running game without a fullback just doesnt seem possible to me.
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