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Default Re: planning a summer trip to pittsburgh!

i just looked at this thread. didnt realize it had been active while i was on vacation. thanks for the concern and thanks for mobilizing into a task force prepared for a rescue effort in enemy territory!

actually it was me posting as Kiss_My_Stripes

the vacation was a bit hit and miss. the gateway clipper tour through the locks was booked so we missed that on sat. we got to the ballpark on sunday and as soon as some schmuck threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch, it began to pour. game canceled and the pirates were out of town for the next week. no make up game for me. worst yet is i woulda been in the perfect seats for a barry bonds home run ball if i coulda been there for tonight.

i experienced the worst lighning and thunderstorm ever, flash floods that are crippling millvale and a tornado all in less than 18 hours.

i had to settl for the mongahelia incline which sucks compared to the duquesne. missed the science center due to tornado damage. all of point park was closed, and the dinosaur exhibit was minimal at carnegie.

i wont even mention no trip to hienze field, camp, or to canton. but there was some good:

j. unitas played here-

the cemetary is awesome. i scared the crap out of these deer-




on the40th st bridge-

my daughter wasnt scared as she threw rocks-

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