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Default Re: Recurring Personal Fouls Need To Stop

WE may have agreed the Taylor call was trash but the refs obviously were not included in our poll. Taylor's slamdance with Johnson would not have drawn a second look in the 1970s (such as the Steelers-Raiders games), but times have changed.

As soon as Taylor flipped Johnson over I knew the flag was coming.

I agree Taylor is new to his role and will presumably learn how to channel his aggression, but Ward has been around too long not to know better. A taunting call on offense is not related to a hard tackle (which can lead to a personal foul) and is about nothing but ego. It's revolting when T.O. and Chad Johnson decide it is time to attempt to get on ESPN and no less offensive when it is one of the Black & Gold (in almost every case Hines Ward, who nevertheless is one of my favorite players) that does the deed.

The absence of any such flags in the second half, in which the Steelers certainly did not lack for intensity, indicates the need to be "intense" cannot excuse hurting your team.
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