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Default Re: Recurring Personal Fouls Need To Stop

Originally Posted by TasmanianTroy271
Oh yea, cause Ward gets so many personal fouls called on him. It was an intense game. Even Bettis was pumped. We've already agreed that the Taylor call was trash, and for the Hope penalty, he was running the WR out of bounds, when Harrison slammed into both of them and they both stumbled and fell forward. Chris just happenend to have his hand on the guys back. The only serious one is Troy, and he's still young, he'll get his emotions under control.

I agree... but I'll take a few personal fouls now and then for all the HUGE plays that troy makes every week consistently. He'll learn as time goes on. Im not condoning them at all, but just like a bettis fumble once every blue moon, u can kinda live it, IMO.
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