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Default Re: Timmons returns to practice

Originally Posted by paw-n-maul-u View Post
He's gonna be a monster, people worry too much.

-He had a better last season than both of the predecessors (E. Sims and K. Wimbley ... both first round picks, drafted higher than 15th overall)

-He never missed a single game in college, or even high school for that matter.

My bet is that he'll outplay "silverback" by a mile once he finally gets into the groove of things. As big of a deal that people are making about this, atleast he isn't holding out, and learning the defense while he sits on the sideline. Would you rather have timmons or beason?

Considering out track record of first round draft picks In order: Holmes, Miller, Ben, Troy, Simmons, Big Snack, Plax... Colbert has done a helluva job with our first pick pretty much every year (I'll even give him the benefit of the doubt on the simmons pick. Simmons was an animal before his knee injury. And theres now even this talk about extending him).
Yep. Not to mention, Simmons did well the year before last and the talk is that he has shown back up in camp.

Of course, I wonder.... Hmmmmmm.... maybe in a new thread....
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