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Default Re: top 100 draft picks

Couple things in catching up...

1) As for Lewis, he is only slower in getting to the sidelines. He used to be able to come back all the way against the grain, not now. If he guesses wrong at the snap, then he is out tof the play. As for other areas, I think he misses his D-line. I saw more FB's getting through and sticking Ray 5-7 yards up field. Heck look what Krieder did against him. That will make anyone look human.

2) As for the draft, thanks for the Ware update. I saw a mock draft where is is going in teh top 30, once to us, once to Philly. So keep your ears on. I think with TE's and OT's stopping in and us not signing, shows we think there is plenty of value in the draft.
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