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Default Re: Winning the war....

Actually, I'd argue that it's not the number of mistakes, it's how the mistakes are handled. The officer who sits and debates with himself and weighs options is sacked, while the officer who quickly recognizes his own mistakes and aggressively takes action to rectify those mistakes usually not only saves his job, but wins the day.

A great example in Iraq II was a snafu in planning in which different commanders had completely different idea's in how to initially attack Baghdad. The prevailing thought, in fact, the approved plan was to set up static bases outside the city and launch a series of thrusts through the city to gage enemy resistance and gradually wear the enemy down. A colonel (Dave Perkins) thought the plan was ridiculous, and he decided that the best idea was to fight his way into the center of the city, and fight a 360 engagement from the center out. His plan was rejected, but he never actually heard that it was, so he went ahead and executed. Because he had success, the command went along and lent support, and Perkins plan was backed up and was ultimately successful.

There were many mistakes made, but quick thinking and aggressive actions saved the day.
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