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Default Who needs a Pirates win...???

....when you can pay $100+ bucks for this type of family entertainment and witness a rainout where they dont LOSE?-

believe it or not, the ticket office said they would refund the $$$ for the tickets by mail, and my daughter doesnt even have to return the free willie stargell shirt (and she knew it) or the free picture w/ the parrot, or free cookie, or free hand tattoo.

oh, and to be sure that nutting wasnt raking me over the coals, i was sure to pile over a whole jars worth of the "serve yourself" jalapenos on my $7 nachos!

i sure was looking forward to the field level seats though

oh, and i especially liked all the WE WILL... banners that surround the whole stadium for blocks.

"we will... EXCITE"
"we will... ENTERTAIN"

everything but "we will... WIN"

go figure.
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