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Default Re: Lets Go 'stros....

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
see i think you got us mixed up because i have the convos saved somewhere from msn, where i asked how bout the rangers when they were on the fall and you told me you don't give a fuck about baseball after talkin all the shit about them being the better team in texas cause they had a better record then the astros by a big margin but yet i was still arguing for the astros. and see i barely started watching baseball this season but the 'stros have always been my favorite baseball team cause they are a texas team. you like whoever is winning. two years ago it was about the yankees and then all of a sudden the rangers start winning and they are now your favorite team oh and then they fall off and it's all about the yanks again. and the reason i barely put astros on my avy is becasue this is a steelers board so there was no point until now but when the series is done i'll go back to my texas with the black and gold background. and the 'stros are losing and i still haven't stopped rooting for them.

Dude you start liking em halfway through the year buy your little hat and tell me youve always liked em? FU** outta here. You seem to be pretty stupid as well if you arent a bandwagon fan i dont know what is. Its funny how you try and flip stuff but i see you rep em when they win and not talk about em when they werent anywhere. Youre a sad excuse for a fan you and i know i really dont care about baseball im doin this cause youre a bandwagon fan tryin to act like theyve been your team forever and its pathetic. You turn everything personal like a little bitch when you have nothing to contradict what i said. Let me guess this is the guy who was claiming the Cowboys were his favorite team earlier on this year LOL. Oh doesnt apply to you. I dont like turning stuff personal i was just talking about the games and stating why i think theyre choking then you bring it to this tsk tsk tsk
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