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Default Re: Lets Go 'stros....

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
i'm still repping them now and they just lost in the world series and will never be there again or at least not till we are old ass men. and at least i've stuck with one team i don't go to the rangers then the yankees then the rangers and back to the yankees. see i guess you didn't read right or you're just a dumbass i said they are my favorite NFC team which doesn't mean they are my favorite team and it don't mean i really root for them they are just the team in the nfc i like cause they are from texas but i could care less if they win or lose and there is a thread somewhere in this forum where i say that they are my second favorite team so don't try to call me out on some bullshit. getting personal? it's sports i ain't talkin about yo life. but you can do what you always have to do or you'll cry go ahead and have the last word and i'll just go back to talkin about the astros in this thread

Dude, you are seriously the dumbest person i know. You forget the whole stupid thing you did about revealing your new favorite team? Or are you just tryin to justify it here when i call you out on it. It wasnt your favorite NFC team either you said multiple times your NEW FAVORITE team. Like i said though that shit dont apply to you. You got that one track mind where only youre right and you try to correct everything with some bullshit. You stuck with one team cause you started liking em when they started winning. Why would you jump ship when "your" team is winning not even you are dumb enough to do that. It dont matter what you put here youre tryin to look good here im not, im just telling the truth. Its funny how this is all personal its between me and you and you turned it that way bringing up some bullshit. Instead of stating facts you try going at me bringing up some stupid stuff then when i call you out on the stuff you try and justify it. Making up some bull "i said NFC"..... bullshit you cant take the heat dont fire off the gun. Now you try making it seem like your right....why did you even have to reply to this? So you could get the last word sayin thats what im tryin to do. Face it youre a bandwagon fan for every sport. At least I can say i was a Cowboy fan my whole damn life. Not a Steeler fan then Cowboy fan then a Steeler fan again. You wanna talk baseball dont be a bitch and make shit personal I was talkin baseball till you bring up some MSN convos and all that bullshit. Man up, dont be a hoe your whole life.

You wanna get back on topic............Fine. Explain to me how the Astros arent choking after last nights game. Biggio the seasoned vetran had a for sure out just bounce right out of his glove which allowed a run to score. Whoever it was in the outfield missed another out it landed right next to him. The two good closers yall have both getting smashed for homeruns. You can try and blame the wind but the wind was the same for the White Sox and they made their plays. Now, try and justify this without bringing up personal shit
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