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Default Re: Fullback spot going, going, not quite gone

One day when they get some smarts again and get back to how football is supposed to be played, some new, bright coach with an appreciation for the wisdom of the basics will incorporate a running, pounding fullback into the game again. If Tomlin refuses to utilize this, it's gonna hurt him and the team.

He's got a great running fullback, Kreider, but a lot of people have abandoned fottball's roots and have forsaken what got them there.

Parker's a great halfback, but it gets boring watching them use him too much, though, when he runs into the line and falls down over and over again when he's just too winded and tired sometimes. They need to use a pounder in these instances, but Cowher didn't seem to be able to figure this out last year. Parker's a great halfback, but he can't carry the run game alone.

Kreider averaged the most yards per carry for the past couple of years from the few times he ran with the ball, but apparently Cowher didn't pay too much attention to statistics. He's also the same height and weight as Bettis, and the guy can run with the ball, and he did damn well running in high school and college.

They need to mix it up more in the running game and let a fullback run with the ball more, IMO. They also have Kuhn now, too, and he's a big boy and he could be a pounder as well.
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