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Default A Rookie's team - injured, changed.......

These were my original picks on the left, on the right the changes:

8. Deuce McCallister - Tatum Bell
13. Tiki Barber
28. Antonio Gates
33. Reggie Wayne
48. Aaron Brooks - Drew Bledsoe
53. Nate Burleson
68. Asley Lelie - Brandon Jones
73. Larry Fitzgerald
88. Brian Westbrook
93. Indy DEF
108. K - Mike Nugent - Josh Scobee - Todd Peterson - ?
113. Chicago DEF
128. JJ Arrington - Az Hakim
133. Chris Cooley - Ashley Lelie
148. Joey Harrington - Mark Brunell

I find it odd how difficult this league is proving to play. So many changes to my team, some for injury are acceptable, others for a complete lack of form are harder. Picking the "supposedly" best match-ups each week is time consuming, fun though.

I have kept my main 3 WR throughout but overrall they have prevented me from being unbeaten. My 2 QB's were both poor choices, all the comments from others about Brooks driving me crazy were so true.

My RBs have been immense, though Westbrook is not running and McCallister is now out for the season.

My most pleasing pick is still the one I wanted at the start, I picked the Indy defence expecting great things this year and they are certainly producing, better than all my WR combined, even Chicago my back up are doing great

Overall, I have to say that it has been great fun, I will certainly look to enter more next year preferably again with a live draft.
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