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Default Re: Who needs a Pirates win...???

Sorry for going off topic to a degree, but I'll tell you what. They should put Steve Blass and Greg Brown in one of those mascot costumes. I was watching the post-game last night and they both made it sound as if the Pirates won the damn game and are pushing for a deep playoff run. You talk about the biggest homers in that organization.

Both lost all credibility a long time ago IMO, but last night was comical. Then they have the balls to point out the other teams flaws and weaknesses. Unbelievable. BTW, I'm not expecting the guys to blast the whole damn team, but we can lose 14-0 and they make it sound like we played an overall solid game. It's apparent who's writing the checks for those two.

Blass and Brown are to the Pirates organization what Joseph Goebbels was to the Third Reich.
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