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Default Re: As if Imus getting fired wasn't enough....

I think anyone could've seen ths coming a mile away. "Nope, an apology doesn't cut it. Now I want your money for emotional damages, even though it helped me to get noticed." In America, an issue is not resolved without the proverbial lawsuit that gobbles up taxpayers' money and wastes time. If this incident didn't damage her reputation, this lawsuit will.

They'll run Imus into the ground just like poor Mike Richards. This won't be the last lawsuit he sees either. The other Rutgers players will get ideas.

I get embarrassed in my race sometimes. Get some skin and shut up. Blacks call each other ni**as all the time, but it's evil for a non-black person to use Ni**a. And they whine about Black stereotypes. Well then if most black people would stop shooting each other, take up some responsibility, and quit reinforcing these stereotypes, they'll disappear.
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