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Default Re: Russian Nazis?

Nazi skinheads are a far right subculture that developed in the United Kingdom around the late 1970s.[citation needed]

Typically racist, anti-Semitic, anti-islamic, white supremacist, anti-gay and neo-Nazi, the subculture emerged at a time when the UK was experiencing a second wave of the punk subculture. Nazi skinheads have a reputation for initiating violent confrontations with non-whites, Muslims, Jews, gays and left-wingers on the street and at political demonstrations. They are sometimes involved in white nationalist political organizations, such as the People's National Party (Russia), the National Democratic Party of Germany, the British National Front and the National Socialist Movement of Denmark. Nazi Skinheads are usually called boneheads by members of the punk and non-racist skinhead subcultures, both as a derogatory term and to avoid confusion between the racist and non-racist skinheads when referring to either.
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