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Default Re: Holmes working with first-team offense

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Could some explain those 1-on-1 drills please?

Im trying to read it, but its difficult to picture - maybe its just me but it seems poorly written(?)

What was Harrison supposed to be doing instead of 'bullrushing' Haynes?

A linebacker lines up one on one against a running back.

The Linebacker is trying to reach the fictitious QB by getting by the RB who is protecting the same pretend QB.

Generally, the Linebacker is to use evasive maneuvers, i.e. swim moves, to beat the back. The RB is trying to keep the linebacker at bay by using traditional "hands inside the pads" blocking.

The idea is to build on fundamentals... 9 times out of ten Harrison can bull into Haynes and take him out. Tomlin knows Harrison is a beast and putting a guy in physical danger to prove is just a bad idea.

Same reason RBs can't chop. I'm sure 9 times out of ten Haynes diving into Harrison's legs is going to result in an effective "stop," but all that proves is Harrison is going to blow out a knee by Friday.

Bullrushes and Chop Blocks are very effective in game situations, but using them in these drills increases the chance of an injury and doesn't build on fundamentals.
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