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Default Re: The bengals are really starting to pi$$ me off..

Originally Posted by CantStop85
Seriously, can we get over the players thinking that they're a better team than the other team? What do you expect a player to say? "No, Pittsburgh's definitely the better team. I knew we never had a shot"?

Players should go into every game thinking that they're capable of winning it. Therefore, most players aren't going to admit that another team is superior to theirs. If they believed that, then what would be the point in even trying? "Once you're beat mentally, you might as well not even step foot onto the field."
You make good points and for that you get rep points..but what I fail to see is the admitting that they got beat by the better team. It was all, I didnt play well enough, we shoulda won that game, we coulda won that game

He didnt play well enough because he was under pressure all day, turning the ball over, no running game after the 1st quarter and our offense ran the ball at will all day.

The bengals are up and coming, there is NO doubt about it..but just admit when you have been beat and dont make up reasons making it seem like anything otherwise is all

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