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Default Re: New US dollar coin: The Americans don't know their Presidents

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
I hated math becaue I have never seen how I would need it in real life.

However, with me wanting to become a firefighter, I have been looking into stuff and I see where some of the algebra and geometry they taught me will come in.

If they would have explained this all to me back then, I would have cared more.
for sure. trigonometry or calculus didnt mean shit to me in school, caust, it was presented as a bunch of useless boring word problems combining letters and numbers. if they woulda taught what those letters were supposed to represent in real life, practical applications i wouldve understood and cared more.

like i said, we are taught backwards. if i was taught about space exploration in the 60's first and then how trig and cal made it all possible it woulda been easier to learn.

as it was, i was taught a bunch of letters, numbers, formulas, and left on my own to figure out when and where it was actually applied.
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