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Default Re: Thats right, show him the love!!!

Originally Posted by Welcome To Smashmouth View Post
My thoughts while waiting on the page to load were "Woodley better freakin' be on here"....
For once, a Steeler player didn't get shafted in a "best of" list. Impressive.

Add the "http" and "www" before the link. WTF kind of rule is 50 minimum posts to throw in a link...are the other fans not worthy of steeler tidbits regardless???
Hey... Mods could explain this better... but I think it is to help cut down on spammers and trolls that want to throw a couple things in and then take off... It makes it not worth their time!

And yeah, I am very excited about Woodley. I keep saying this, if Timmons steps up as well, we may have had an EXCELLENT draft by the end of the day!
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