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Default Re: New US dollar coin: The Americans don't know their Presidents

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
I didn't get anything above a "D" in math until the 4th grade when I had a tutor. Once she couldn't tutor anymore, I was back to "F" and "D" until the 7th grade. In the 7th grade, I started to finally catch on.

Back then, if I got a "D", it was reason to be happy. Everything else was "A", "B", and sometimes a "C" except for my one year of catholic school where a "C" was 80%.

I graduated from highschool with a 1.95... and that was only because i had a few A's and B's my senior year.

I hated math. Got D's in it, a B one time in geometry, but failed the next semester. Then went to summer school. Went back the next semester and took Trig. Failed it and was done with math. Why? Cause I could have cared less about it.

Now? I find it interesting, but could still care less about the specifics.

Funny thing... the higher in my education I went, the better GPA I got. That is probably because each step became more specific, and held my attention that much more.
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