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Default Re: Marvel restructures his deal to free up more room..

Heres the kicker when it comes to the cap games. One the cap keeps going up, so you gain a few million every year. B), we currently are paying players who aren't on our team. We could hopefully get out from this, or just substitute in new players to pay. IE - next year Gildon goes off the books. But in case something doesn't work with Marvel, then he stays on our books. The difference in the salary to signing bonus is offset by the number of years in the deal. The key is to not guess wrong on players who won't be on your team for the long haul(see Cleveland with Brown, Garcia, and Green?), and not to get lopsided in too much bonuses. So we are in good shape if you look at who we hope to have around(staley, farrior, smith, etc.) It would be different if we were reworking Bettis, Batch, Willliams), better to sign these players to contracts which can be voided, than to pay out cash bonuses.
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