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You forgot one thing....

When they get to the stage of organized violence (terrorism), they are often link with Islamic terrorist organizations. That link has been established and reported on by the Southern Poverty Law Center...

Furthermore, caricaturing Neo-Nazi's as far right is a misnomer. Nazism and neo-nazi's are far FROM the right. Their primary drive, as derived by the name itself, is national SOCIALISM. they are a socialist branch that sees the political establishment of communism as its biggest enemy because they are so akin, which is one reason why Hitler hated communism SO much.

However, it also allows for more individuality in decision making, even economic decision making, which pulls from the right side of world politic.

In the end, Nazism is neither far right, nor far left. it is its OWN entity, taking from what ever political stream the ideas it wants, and rejects all others.

What is real scary, is the attachment to arab terrorists...

Then ask yourself... WHAT WAS TIMOTHY MCVEIGH?

Then ask yourself, Why was Terry Nichols tracked to the far east to meet with arab terrorists a year or two before the Oklahoma city bombing. And why was it, that they saw him meeting with two people... one a rep. from Al Queada... and yes, the other was a intelligence agent for Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

As soon as 9-11 happened, the defense team for Timothy Mcveigh dropped the whole line of defense about this, trying to pin it on Nichols and saying that McVeigh was under him (Or something like that) as they thought there would be NO mercy for anyone tied into Islamic terrorism.

Funny how the press never found that worth picking up... isn't it. I heard it reported once, maybe twice, then gone.
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