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Default Re: Colt Brennan: Real Deal or Bust

Real deal.

Chang racked up numbers with smoke and mirrors. I've lived in the Aloha State for six years and there is a difference now. Forget the June Jones hyperbole that couldn't stick in the past. Jones can make a grape sound like a pineapple - the King of Fruit.

I know for most of SteelerFever viewers there is no football west of the Mississippi but my eyes tell me otherwise.

Brennan won't get to prove to the nation until he is facing the NFL. Living in paradise... Playing football here...

What's getting even less attention is the impact of the polynesians in the NFL. Expect this trend to continue. Polamalu and Tatupu are just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately for U of Hawaii the Pac-10 (and thankfully USC) has too much to offer. Greed is good.
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