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Default Re: Most Overrated and Underrated players

Mike Vick is an average QB that gets marketed as the best player in the NFL. He can play football. You can be a good football player and still be overated. He is overated by how much hype surrounds him.

It is like a basketball player who can't shoot a jumpshot being called the next Michael Jordan because he can dunk. I think he is an average QB that would be even worse without Algea Crumpler.

Besides, you asked what I think.......You should have started this thread as "Who HinesWard4Life8682 thinks is the most overated and underated players"

Who are you to question my choice........I think everyone would agree Mike Vick is more overated than Priest Holmes. Camon 30 td's give me a break.......look at Vicks stats.
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