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Default Re: "The War As We Saw It"

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
I would suggest if you want an accurate insiders point of view ... you should consider that this article is based on the liberal leanings of only 7 soldiers from 82nd...made up of the following Battallions, Brigades and Teams:

(I for one would be happy to let the soldiers in the field decide if we should stay in Iraq....I doubt if the left-wingers would be willing to do the same..which sorta makes the whole New York Times article a moot-point doesnt it?)
sure... because these soldiers express their concerns about the importance of a political solution they're "liberals".... you bet, and there's only SEVEN of 'em... shessh...

as for the entire 82nd voting on the mission... they do, they vote for the politicians in our government... might have something to do with the democrats taking congress... but such a point is moot anyway, cause we both know the military would never allow the troops to vote on weather or not they should stay in Iraq.
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