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Default Ratbirds Poem ... LOL

Who Dey? is a phrase many times repeated
The Steelers, we answered, convincingly as the Bengals were defeated

It was the biggest game for the Bengals in a really long time
They've got a good team now, but it's been an uphill climb

It started off great for the Bengals but bad for us
Then came Parker and the man we call Bus

Our 1-2 punch - call them Thunder and Lightning
To the other team's D they sure can be frightening

And then just when you thought for sure we'd run
We'll throw a pass to Miller or Ward to get it done

There was so much good about this game
Writing this was hard - too many to name

This game extended our road game win streak to ten
We saw a TD by Parker with a lead block by Ben

There were momentum changes like Hope's INT
Or the Bus rolling on third and three

So many flags though - we couldn't tackle at all
Making me question - is this ballet or football?

Speaking of ballet - Chad Johnson did his dance
And then Hines made fun of him when he got the chance

After the game, the Bengals still said they're the best
Even though they just failed this test

Now we move on to Monday Night Football at home for Trick Or Treat
The time has come for a Ravens defeat

A divisional game again - we play Baltimore
The only team to beat us in the regular season of 2004

That's not likely this year the way we are playing
Hey Ravens, play fair though, that's all I am saying!
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