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Default Re: Paranoia gone too far....

Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post

arrg.... I'm sorry to go off on a tangent like but the damn farking liberal democrats are turning us into a country of pussies.
maybe all the millionair republicans will cut their profit margins a bit and contribute to gun awareness and education.

i hear you and am just as ouraged about a kid being expelled for what is obviously a stealth 737 with paratroopers jumping out of it.

the war monger republicans wouldnt suspend this kid. hell, they would throw him into the draft, send him to iraq and make him an officer by the age of 16.

im just talkin shit so ignore me. but honestly that kid draws like a 1st grader and i think it is a stealth passenger plane. only a moron would suspend him for that. rep. or dem.
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