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Default Re: Paranoia gone too far....

Well, I gotta tell you. Last year, my son had been pushed down by this older kid (he was in 7th grade last year). After my son pushed him back the other kid punches him in the head. The kid runs off. So, my son yells at him that he is going to kill him.......Well, my son got sent to alternative school for 7 weeks(til the end of the school year) and the kid who actually physically assaulted my son got in school suspension for a couple of days. Now, out on the street words don't mean crap. The physical violence would have resulted in that kid having charges brought against him. However, in the school you punch someone and it's okay, but don't dare say words out of anger for being bullied....And, to top that off while he was at alternative school they watched bootleg movies......Don'tcha just love that!
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